Alexander's Lost Archives

A Heroic Single

Those with the Plasmakinesis strain can manipulate 5G signals.
Strain of what? Adalfieri, it has effected the HESTEK sub-culture for millenniums. However, there’s never been a lot of data on it.
That changes today. During his stay on a planet in the Andromeda Galaxy, Alexander Artino of Reivscere Corp. will guide us on how these strains work, what their applications are, and how to protect ourselves from HESTEKs.
Adalfieri’s a rush of science fiction paired with more lore than most can handle.
Don’t worry, the police won’t break your door down because you’re accessing Reivscere Corporation’s private archives.

Here's a sample...

“It’s me,” a gravelly voice bounces amid numerous bamboo walls. “do you remember? I hope so. Anyway, throughout the next several endless nights. I will explain the existence of a plague that our kind faces, Adalfieri.”

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