A Genetic Engineering Space Opera

Heroic Anthology: Book 2

Once a prey, now the wealthiest person in the known universe.
But will that be enough to save his kind?
Mr. Artino and his forces explore the cosmos to answer this.
Can they find it in time?
Or will his gold-plated ego get the better of him?
Perhaps, a new problem will reveal itself, instead.
Leap into Alexander’s cruiser and follow him through this quick mix of science fiction and genetic mutations.

Here's a sample...

Some unknown force grips our wrists and yanks us almost a century ahead.

While spiraling through a clear whirlpool, we watch an army of figures march toward a land-bound aircraft carrier. The golden thread of their phoenix ouroboros patches glows against the distant sun as androids march alongside them.

The scene vanishes into ashes as several figures in lab coats yank a purple cloth away from a standing board, revealing a metal avocado floating in space. Beneath it, the white text spelling ‘R.S.N. Macedon’ pops from the image as the crowd before the coated figures fill the room with claps.

By the way, don’t worry about anymore exposition.


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