A Genetic Engineering Dystopia

Heroic: Book 1

Adalfieri. A perk or a plague?
For Derek O’Brien, his plunged him into a grim scenario and the arms of his HESTEK savior.
Because of this, he must make a choice.
To venture with his rescuer to learn about his kinds’ culture and let go of his loved ones.
Or keep what he has and risk hiding with his sister.
Guided into his decision, Derek regrets it as the duo are placed on another planet and left to fend for themselves in the midsts of a genocide’s aftermath.
Will he find himself free from the bounds of his puppeteer? Or be swallowed by the insanity around him?
Look inside this adventure to see which direction fate takes us.
To choose your answer to the great question.
Zero is an adventure that mixes cyberpunk elements with supernatural mutations and lore from out of this world.
This message was brought to you by Alexander Artino of Reivscere Corporation and its subsidiaries.

Here's a sample...

“Inceptivus number ten.” A couple pairs of peanut butter-tinged fingers with violet chrysanthemums painted on the nails blurs while gliding over a keyboard. A storm of text flashes onto a monitor. “You know, after a couple decades, I should have thought to go with a cleaner font like Lato. Arial doesn’t strike the mood I want.”

A symphony of clacks echos throughout the darkened room as a human silhouette with a waterfall of hair flows over the back of their chair.

“Hope everyone’s well. Many apologies that mama’s been away. Took me a while to set the stage this time. Anyway, onto what y’all want.

“Derek—O’Brien, a nineteen, no, twenty-two-year-old. In his infant days, on a chilled night in a grimy alley in Matoma, Greenland, he was rescued by Mr. and Mrs. O’Brien. Afterward, sheltered in their warm home in the suburbs.

“However, some years later, our boy continues to think that they’ve been his parents from birth. Since his memory’s so jumbled, he can’t keep up anymore, can he?

“As time flew, our protagonist spent his days as an introvert after layers of betrayals by those close to him. You know, once in a while, he’d indulge on an adventure with his sister. A.K.A., the O’Briens’ HESTEK retirement guardian.

“What he liked doing most was odd-jobs using his gift of teleportation that was discovered in his youth.

“And finally, in this arc he also likes to game—huge gamer—”

The shadow leans against the leather chair while her glistening emerald eyes peer through the darkness and watch the hologram of stars hovering below the ceiling. “Have I gone too far this time—”

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